Managed Services

It’s estimated that most IT organizations spend over 50% of their budget funding ‘keep the lights on’ activities. RadixBay’s Managed Service teams free up your staff and budget to allow them to be applied towards strategic and innovative initiatives. We are focused on helping clients reduce cost, improve efficiency, gain standardization and plan ahead.

Readiness Assessment

RadixBay will assess the impact of your current applications and enterprise architecture

Strategy and Roadmap

Our consultants will help you align your IT capabilities to your business strategies

Performance Optimization

We ensure optimal performance of complex legacy portfolios, hardware, infrastructure and SaaS applications

Our philosophy at RadixBay is to be who you need us to be. You may want us to fill the gaps and enhance your team, a partner to take over entire portions of your support operations or regular reviews and recommendations on how to improve. We tailor our Managed Service offerings to match your business needs and strategic goals.

Service Reviews

RadixBay performs regular service reviews to ensure you are receiving the highest level of service with positive outcomes

Proactive Management

We believe in proactively managing IT environments and applications before incidents occur

Innovation Support

We manage transformational initiatives to the cloud and enable you to increase innovation with flexible development and testing environments

Application Management

Whether it’s first level support or providing the expertise to back up your support team. We can provide expert administrators for your business applications including Oracle EBS, Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce. Our experienced teams provide the functional and technical experience that can augment your existing team’s knowledge base.

Infrastructure Management

RadixBay helps reduce the complexity of your IT environment, control costs and leverage experts to optimize IT infrastructure. We provide support for legacy systems so your internal team can focus on new technology and innovation. Our expert IT resources can support IT team members, fill gaps, add specialized knowledge and handle daily IT operations. Our experts can fill roles including unix or linux system administrators, Oracle DBAs or SQL server DBAs.

Dev Ops

RadixBay can support your development team by providing experienced testers and technical support, both on site and off site. We can augment your existing Oracle or Microsoft development teams, enabling greater agility and efficiency. Our dev ops support allows for reduced IT cycle time, faster access to new features and functionality and predictable releases with fewer defects.