Greg Lovette, CEORural Delivery | My Story

My hometown is Tabor City, NC. It is a small place in farm country with good, hard-working people. Growing up, autumn Friday nights were all about Red Devil football. Cafes served as morning gathering spots for folks on their way to work at local factories or on the farm. My family is still there in Tabor City and wouldn’t live anywhere else. My dad says years ago God planted Adam & Eve Lovette there and civilization spanned out from that.

Growing up, I saw apparel and textile plants closing and the family farms shutting down. My mother worked at a factory that made clothes for JC Penney and Sears. Today it stands as an empty shell. Those jobs have been gone for thirty years.

Leaving home for college and majoring in computer science, I knew I would never be able to make a living in rural America. So I became part of the urbanization of America, and moved to Charlotte.

In 1994, a partner and I founded Baytree Associates, a consulting company specializing in Oracle technologies. Over a period of 16 years, that became a very successful US based regional consultancy. We had an eclectic group of consultants from all areas of the US and even from India.

We felt we were the best at what we did, and our customers agreed. We became a premier Oracle consultancy in the eastern US. We built a center in Charlotte to provide remote development and production support for our customers. The processes and methodologies we employed assured our customers of the type of service they had come to expect from us. However, as offshoring became more and more prominent, more customers began making decisions purely on price, not quality.

In 2010, we sold Baytree to a California company with heavy offshore operations. The idea was to allow our US team to leverage offshore resources to help us be more price-competitive in our offerings. In reality, offshore consultants eventually replaced most of our US team. Our customers, who were accustomed to our high-touch, high-speed approach, soon left us, confirming what I had already come to understand: that while offshoring is the right solution in many circumstances, and it certainly is a way to reduce cost, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

RadixBay itself has an offshore center in Chennai, India, something I am proud of. Our offshore staff of bright, ambitious technology consultants team up with our senior domestic staff to deliver solid, effective solutions for many of our customers.


A Better Solution

But what of the other customers and prospects that require something different? Is there a model that can offer high-touch, high-speed solutions at a cost effective structure, and at the same time utilize an untapped resource here, in the US…in North Carolina?

RadixBay was founded with one dominating principle. Passion. Passion for our customers. Passion for our employees. And a passion for creating, growing, and keeping jobs in rural North Carolina. These passions will fuel us through our journey. Together with the right customers, we will break the stale and outdated IT model, and leverage our new structure for technology solutions.