Cloud Strategy Consulting

Radixbay’s advisory services help you to develop strategies and deployment roadmaps that reduce migration risks and fully leverage the benefits of cloud platforms.

Cloud environments are architectures, not just a collection of new products. They will change how your organization designs, develops, accesses, administers, monitors and documents their systems.

RadixBay’s analysts focus on the value drivers of leading-edge cloud technologies and deployment strategies to provide you with the expert guidance you need to make better-informed business and technology decisions. 

From initial strategy and roadmap development to mature system support, RadixBay’s experts are with you through every step of your cloud journey.  Our analysis focuses on the following key categories:

Charlotte Cloud Strategy Consulting
    • Objective – Cloud only, cloud first, best fit, non-critical
    • Budgetary and Cost Projections – Cloud platform rental fees, implementation, mature system support, toolsets, training
    • Architecture Evaluations – IaaS, DBaaS, PaaS, SaaS, multi-cloud, hybrid
    • Application – Replace, redevelop, optimize, minimal changes, new application design
    • Provider Sourcing and Selection – Features, pricing, maturity, lock-in, known vendor
    • Cloud Product Evaluations – Databases, operating systems, business intelligence platforms, SaaS applications, toolsets
    • Migration Strategies – Initial provisioning, on-premise to cloud data synchronization, testing, production cutovers
    • Data Transfers – On-premise to cloud, cloud to on-premise, cloud to cloud
    • System Management – Vendor patching, backups, maintenance utilities
    • Change Management – Procedural changes, existing documentation impact
    • Tools – Cloud vendor provided and third-party/internally built tool integrations
    • Monitoring – Vendor provided, third-party
    • Security – Security controls, regulatory compliance, auditing, encryption, event notification, incident response
    • Organizational – Support units, new roles, hiring, training, governance
    • Supporting Technologies – Application development languages, network, toolsets
    • Regulatory Compliance and Audits – Internal, industry, governmental

RadixBay’s flexible and easily scalable service offerings allow you to custom tailor a cloud strategy consulting package that meets your organization’s unique needs.