Community Responsibility

RadixBay was founded with the goal of giving back to the community. The mission of RadixBay is to create IT careers and sustainable, long-term employment by delivering high value solutions for our clients. One way that RadixBay is giving back to the community is by creating rural IT support centers in the states that we serve. These centers can provide long term IT careers in communities that have been typically passed over by technology related growth.

We also partner with Veteran’s Staffing Network a social enterprise business developed by Easter Seals Serving DC | MD |VA that builds on their long experience in veteran employment programs. By focusing squarely on the individual needs of employers and veterans, they provide the best personal match for each position and the support that our nation’s veterans need to successfully transition back to the civilian world.

RadixBay is also active in local non profit organizations such as New Hope Enterprises, based in Atlanta, which helps the homeless, individuals coming out of foster care and the chronically unemployed develop the skills necessary to reenter the work force.

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