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From helping you to create your enterprise strategies to 24/7 support for mature cloud systems, our services cover the entire cloud migration and management life-cycle.


How We Help

Our unique rural shore model combines the cost benefits of offshore services with the security & simplicity of onshore support.

Don’t need a full-time resource? Our easily customizable solutions allow you to tailor a cloud support package that meets your unique needs and your budget.


Cloud Strategies

Our cloud strategists provide the expertise you need to fully leverage the benefits of cloud platforms.


Cloud Migration Assessments

 RadixBay’s Lift Assessment reduces deployment risks and helps you to formalize a robust cloud migration strategy.


Cloud Health Assessments

Our experts analyze your cloud systems to help you optimize your environments and reduce costs.

Cloud System Management

RadixBay provides enterprise-grade support for Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle IaaS and DBaaS platforms.

Cloud Services

What We Do

Cloud Strategies

Fully Leverage Cloud Benefits

Technology leaders are being inundated with a flood of new cloud architectures, platforms and products.

This seemingly endless array of new offerings can quickly become bewildering.

Our Cloud Strategy Services focus on the value drivers of leading-edge cloud technologies and deployment strategies to provide you with the expert guidance you need to make better-informed business and technology decisions.

From enterprise-wide to individual cloud projects, our expert analysts partner with your team to create strategies that help you to easily migrate to the cloud and fully leverage the unique benefits each cloud vendor provides.


Cloud Migration

Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence

From initial analysis to production cutover and beyond, RadixBay becomes your trusted partner through every step of your cloud journey.

RadixBay’s Lift Assessment  begins with our cloud migration experts thoroughly evaluating your on-premises platform.  The team also identifies potential migration issues and recommends best practices that are unique to the cloud target selected. 

The migration tools that best fit your needs are discussed and agreed upon. 

RadixBay completes the process by creating a detailed migration action plan that ensures trouble-free migrations.

Cloud Support

Rest Easy with RadixBay 24/7 Support

RadixBay provides a robust, 24/7 support offering for Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle IaaS and DBaaS platforms.

You can rest easy knowing that your cloud systems are being supported by RadixBay’s centralized rural shore service delivery center.

Your assigned support team ensures that your IaaS and DBaaS systems are fully optimized and your cloud-driven applications are there when you need them.

Our easily customizable, budget-friendly solutions allow you to custom tailor a cloud support package that meets your unique needs.


Cloud Expertise

charlotte windows and linux consulting services

Charlotte Oracle database consulting

Microsoft Azure support

charlotte Azure and AWS IT consulting

Microsoft and Unix/Linux IaaS
OS Services

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Service Delivery

Custom Tailor Your Cloud Solution

Our budget-friendly solutions allow you to custom tailor cloud support packages that meet your unique needs. From assisting your internal teams to assuming 100% ownership of your projects and platforms, RadixBay allows you to choose the services you need, when you need them.

Support Packages

RadixBay Support

RadixBay offers Full and Supplemental support options for all services we provide.

Charlotte IT consulting


 RadixBay assumes total ownership of your migration project or 24/7 support for your mature cloud system.

Focus on Your Growing Your Business


DB and OS Managed Services


RadixBay provides expert assistance to support your internal teams. You custom tailor your support solution.

Refocus staff on higher ROI activities


RadixBay Services Overview Whitepaper

Learn more about RadixBay’s application development, 24×7 data infrastructure monitoring and administration, and packaged application management services.

RadixBay DB Services Whitepaper

Learn how RadixBay’s managed database services help you to control costs, reduce operational risk and optimize your data infrastructure.

RadixBay Azure SQL DB Services Whitepaper

Learn more about RadixBay’s comprehensive set of Microsoft Azure SQL DB and Amazon RDS for SQL Server migration, monitoring, and management services.

RadixBay SQL Server DBaaS Health Assessments

Disscover the benefits of RadixBay’s Azure SQL DB and Amazon RDS for SQL Server health assessments.

RadixBay Oracle DBaaS Health Assessments

RadixBay’s Oracle DBaaS health assessments for the Oracle Cloud and Amazon RDS for Oracle help you to fully optimize your cloud DB deployments.

RadixBay OS Services Whitepaper

RadixBay whitepaper describing our end-to-end 24×7 managed services for Windows and Unix/Linux operating systems.

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