Lift Assessment

Radixbay’s LIFT Assessment reduces deployment risks and helps you to formalize a robust cloud migration strategy.

Our LIFT Assessment provides you with the roadmap you need to be fully prepared for cloud migrations.  Our experts have extensive experience in cloud architectures and offer best practices and guiding principles designed to achieve successful cloud implementations.  

In addition to traditional advice on migration tools and strategies, test plans, feature mismatch issues, and pre and post implementation best practices, RadixBay has identified a wide range of topics that clients must also consider to ensure a successful cloud transition.


The RadixBay LIFT Assessment includes:

Charlotte cloud migration consulting and support

Current State Assessment

  • Educate customer in cloud architectures
  • Identify business drivers and develop strategic goals for cloud adoption
  • Evaluate current business applications, IT systems and support personnel

Future State Design

  • Identify and evaluate cloud solution alternatives
  • Select cloud architectures, platforms, and products
  • Formalize new organizational structures, support processes, documentation, regulatory compliance actions
  • Develop budget estimates

Plan Development

  • Formalize cloud adoption and deployment strategies
  • Identify migration and ongoing support resources and training requirements
  • Create detailed migration plans with action items, milestones and deadlines