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From application development and packaged application support to 24×7 data infrastructure administration, RadxBay is able to custom tailor an IT service package that meets your unique needs.

About Us

Rural Shore Overview

RadixBay  IT consulting services Charlotte

Rural Shore Pamphlet

Lean how Rural Shore support combines the cost benefits of offshore support with the quality, security and simplicity of onshore services.

RadixBay rural shore IT consulting

Rural Shore Datasheet

One page datasheet that provides a 5-minute overview of RadixBay’s wide range of enterprise-grade Rural Shore services.


Adivsory Services

Salesforce IT consulting Charlotte

Advisory Services Datasheet

Get the expert, business-focused advice you need to tackle today’s critical issues and build tomorrow’s growth strategies.


Salesforce Support

Salesforce IT consulting Charlotte

Salesforce Services Datasheet

Learn how RadixBay’s team of Salesforce certified experts help you to achieve the maximum value from your Salesforce platform.

Salesforce administration

RadixBay Salesforce Presentation

A detailed look at the features and benefits of RadixBay’s comprehensive set of end-to-end Salesforce services.


Managed Services

Charlotte NC DB and OS managed services

Managed Services Overview

Discover the benefits of RadixBay’s application design, development, OS and DB data infrastructure, and packaged application management services.

Cloud and On-premise DB and OS services

Cloud and On-Premise DB Services

Learn how RadixBay’s DB services help you to control costs, reduce operational risk and optimize your data infrastructure. 24×7 support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and other leading DB engines.

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure support Charlotte

SQL Server Cloud Services

Learn more about RadixBay’s comprehensive set of  Microsoft Azure SQL DB, Amazon AWS/RDS and IaaS migration, monitoring, and management services.


Microsoft Windows and Linux OS support

Cloud and On-Premise OS Services

RadixBay whitepaper describing our end-to-end 24×7 managed services for Windows and Unix/Linux operating systems.

Charlotte NC DB and OS managed services

Application Development Support

Learn how to quickly scale your development teams and accelerate new application time-to-success.


TCOE Testing Services

Testing Center of Excellence

TCOE Salesforce Services

Learn how RadixBay’s TCOE and Salesforce support teams worked together to create a robust Salesforce testing service.

TCOE application testing

TCOE Testing Services

Discover how RadixBay’s TCoE reduces overall application testing costs and improves the quality of your testing projects.


TCOE testing assessments Charlotte NC

TCOE Testing Assessments

RadixBay’s TCoE assessment services help you to fully optimize your testing infrastructure.


Application testing TCOE

TCOE Test Strategy Development

RadixBay’s team of testing and QA specialists help you to develop and implement high-quality test strategies and test plans.


Assessment Services

Oracle Database Assessments

Oracle On-Premise DB

Learn how RadixBay’s health assessments for Oracle On-Premise DBs improve the quality of your critical systems.

Oracle cloud migration assessments

Oracle DBaaS

Whitepaper highlighting the benefits of RadixBay’s Oracle Cloud DBaaS Assessment services.

Microsoft SQL Server database assessments

SQL Server On-Premise

RadixBay’s SQL Server experts ensure your on-premise systems are optimally configured to meet your business needs.

Microsoft Azure support Charlotte NC

SQL Server DBaaS

From system configuration to costing and resource utilization, RadixBay’s cloud experts thoroughly analyze your DBaaS platform.

Success Stories

Case Studies

Data Warehouse Administration

Salesforce Data Warehouse

Learn how RadixBay leveraged change data capture processes to extract, transform and load data from multiple Salesforce platforms into a secure, multi-tenant data warehouse.

Salesforce administration

Salesforce Non-Profit

Case Study detailing how RadixBay customized a Salesforce implementation to meet the unique needs of a nonprofit organization.

Managed DB and OS services

Managed DB &OS Services

Learn how RadixBay’s managed services team triaged a customer’s mission critical transportation systems to quickly improve availability and performance.

Oracle RAC support

Oracle RAC and OS Upgrade

Case study describing RadixBay’s Oracle RAC and OS specialists upgrading the software for a mission critical HA environment. 

Data Warehouse Administration

Salesforce Telecom Implementation

Case study detailing a legacy CRM to Salesforce migration.  Also describes how RadixBay customized the system to meet the client’s complex business needs.