Salesforce Pardot New Features

Introduction to Salesforce Pardot Winter ’22 New Features

Pardot Winter ’22 is one of the most feature-packed releases in the product’s history. Many new and exciting features and integrations are being debuted, which we’ll cover in more detail below.

Some of the highly anticipated updates include:

  • Build landing pages faster using a drag-and-drop editor
  • Push emails from Lightning Experience into engagement programs
  • Send Slack notifications to Pardot users with completion actions (beta)
  • Reset bounce counts on prospect records
  • Customize prospect unsubscribe and resubscribe page content
  • See when and how segmentation prospect lists were updated

In the sections below, we’ll review each of the updates and describe how you can leverage them to enhance your organization’s Pardot implementation.

Key Features

Build Landing Pages Faster Using a Drag-and-Drop Editor

If you’re using the Pardot Lightning App (and I sure hope you are, because Classic is about to be deprecated!), you will be able to use the Lightning Experience to build landing pages with just a couple of licks. You can build landing pages using saved templates and select approved images from your org’s Salesforce CMS repository.

Salesforce Pardot Winter '22 New Features

Helpful Hints and Tips:

  • You must enable the Pardot content experience and Salesforce CMS integration
  • When you create a builder landing page, it must be associated with a connected campaign
  • The landing page’s campaign must be associated with one Pardot business unit (PBU). If you don’t use PBU’s, the relationship is defined by the connected campaign
  • Active content, such as JavaScript or SVG files, is not supported in builder landing pages
  • The landing page content is stored as an HTML file, which cannot exceed 384 KB
  • When you publish a builder landing page, the system creates an associated Pardot record. The record tracks engagement activities and stores metrics, which are synced back to the main landing page record in Salesforce

Pushing Emails From Lightning Experience to Engagement Programs

When you create emails in the drag-and-drop editor in the Lightning Experience, you can now save them for use in Engagement Studio! After the feature is enabled, users with the appropriate permissions that create or open an email content record will see an “Activate for Automation” button. Clicking this button allows them to enter the campaign, sender, and reply-to settings to use for each Engagement Studio email send.

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Helpful Hints and Tips:

  • Each time you activate an email for automation, changes are made everywhere that email is used. To make changes only in certain engagement programs, clone the email and update the program where needed
  • This change applies to all Pardot editions
  • Enablement of the Email Experience on the content setup page in marketing setup is required

Send Slack Notifications to Pardot Users with Completion Actions (Beta)

Does your organization use Slack for internal communications and Pardot for email marketing?  Great!

You can now utilize the two together to speed up your pipeline by creating a completion action that notifies your team in Slack when prospects interact with your marketing assets. For context, this would allow you to automatically send promising new leads to your sales team and share important prospect activity data with marketing personnel.

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Helpful Hints and Tips:

  • Even though it is a beta feature, this is a great opportunity to experiment and plan for the future
  • The connector setup is only available in the Pardot Lightning App (PLA)
  • The completion action to notify a Slack channel is available for Pardot forms, form handlers, file downloads, custom redirects, page actions, and Pardot Classic emails
  • It is not available in the Pardot Email Experience

Reset Bounce Counts on Prospect Records

After resolving bounce issues, users with the appropriate Pardot roles are now able to reset the count for both hard and soft bounces on prospect records.  Resetting the counts allows the prospect to be eligible to receive emails again.

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Helpful Hints and Tips:

  • Users must have the Pardot administrator or marketing role in order to reset bounce counts
  • If the next email sent to the address returns either a hard or soft bounce, Pardot will switch the status back to undeliverable
  • Resets can be performed on hard or soft bounces

Customize Prospect Unsubscribe and Resubscribe Page Content

All list emails in Pardot must contain a link to an unsubscribe or email preference page. You are now able to control the messaging (text/buttons) and page styling that appears on the Pardot unsubscribe and resubscribe pages.

You can also enable a two-click unsubscribe, which displays an unsubscribe prompt page that requires users to click a button to confirm they want to unsubscribe.

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Helpful Hints and Tips:

  • Unsubscribe link clicks DO NOT trigger completion actions and are not counted as part of total clicks in email reporting
  • Two-click unsubscribe may be helpful as prospects often click unsubscribe without realizing that it will immediately unsubscribe them, rather than letting them select subscriptions, like on the email preference page

See When and How Segmentation Prospect Lists Were Updated

The segmentation list view in Pardot now includes the Updated At and Updated By columns, which show the date and time the list was last updated, and the user that made the update. The list view is also filterable based on column data.

Salesforce Pardot Setup

Helpful Hints and Tips:

  • The changes apply to all Pardot editions
  • The feature is available in Pardot Business Units as of 8/16/21


Pardot’s Winter ’22 updates include a robust set of feature enhancements and new tools that enable users to more easily manage their email marketing activities and prospects.

Features that include more flexibility to manage prospect sends, messaging on all pages, the ability to reuse email content as part of the Engagement Studio, and other updates continue to strengthen Pardot’s position as an industry leader in email marketing tools.


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