Salesforce Summer 21 New Features

Introduction to Salesforce Summer ’21 New Features – Part 1

Each new release of Salesforce provides a wide range of exciting features and Summer ’21 keeps this tradition going strong. In Part 1 of our multi-part series on Salesforce Summer ’21, we’ll take a look at just a few of our favorite hot new features to heat up your summer.

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Key Features

Collaboration with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams

With respect to customer relationship management, we are all aware of the benefits that Salesforce provides to sales and service teams. But in many cases, these same groups of people also use Microsoft Teams to discuss similar topics that are pertinent to the sales pipeline and customer service cases.

Summer ’21 introduces a new integration with Microsoft Teams. Salesforce and Microsoft Teams users no longer need to switch back and forth between the applications to access the information they need. The new integration allows users to embed content about Salesforce records in Microsoft Teams channels and chat conversations.

The Salesforce and Microsoft Teams integration allows groups to work together to find the information they need – when they need it. Salesforce users can reference Salesforce records inside of Microsoft Teams to enable and foster high-quality collaboration. They can also preview details of records that others post, keep records up to date with inline editing, and pin records to a channel’s tabs for easy access.

The image below shows the ability to search and select a Salesforce record you have recently used to mention in a Microsoft Teams conversation.

Salesforce Summer 21 New Features

Image source: Microsoft AppSource

The image below shows a Salesforce opportunity record displayed in Microsoft Teams. The opportunity details are listed as well as the tabs for chatter, activity, and related records. In addition, there is a chat window on the right to facilitate collaboration on the account. It is important to note that the opportunity details can be updated directly from Microsoft Teams.

Salesforce Integration with Microsoft Teams

Image source: Microsoft AppSource

Salesforce and Microsoft Teams Integration Benefits

The Salesforce integration with Microsoft Teams provides users with the ability to view Salesforce information in Microsoft Teams channels, chat conversations, and calendar meetings.

Adding more context about a customer relationship in Microsoft Teams promotes collaboration, improves decision making, and saves time by allowing users to more quickly access the information they need.

The new integration provides the following advantages over Salesforce Chatter:

  • Microsoft Teams allows users to reference multiple Salesforce records in one conversation while Chatter is on a specific record page.
  • Sales reps can post important conversations to Salesforce record Chatter feeds directly from Microsoft Teams.
  • The ability to take advantage of Salesforce Meetings on Microsoft Teams’ calendars. This will allow users to access related-record details, take notes, and update the record’s information in Salesforce.

Perform Mass Actions in Split View and Save Time

The previous version of Split View was well-received by the Salesforce community. There was one slight drawback – users were forced to switch back to a List View to perform a mass action. Salesforce Summer ’21 addresses this issue by allowing users to select multiple records in Split View and perform mass actions on all of them in either standard or console view.

Salesforce Summer 21 New Features

Connect with your Customers and Prospects via LinkedIn with Native Sales Navigator Integration

You can now add LinkedIn Sales Navigator components to Salesforce lead, contact, opportunity, and account pages. This allows sales reps to view LinkedIn profiles directly from records in Salesforce. You can also add Salesforce’s InMail and Connection Request Lightning actions to the same pages. This feature is available for users with a Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license from LinkedIn.

Salesforce LinkedIn Integration


Like all new Salesforce releases, Summer ’21 provides a robust set of new features and enhancements to existing functionality. In upcoming installments of this series, we will continue our in-depth review of Salesforce Summer ’21’s hot new features.


I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my blog series on Salesforce Summer ’21 new features.

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