82% of companies reported saving money by moving to the cloud

More than 50% of CRM will be deployed as SaaS by 2015

80% of cloud adopters saw improvements within 6 months of moving to the cloud

67% CIO’s are actively looking at how cloud computing can better serve customers

Radix Bay is focused on helping our customers leverage the Cloud

The fact is most companies will have to live with a mixed environment of on premise and cloud applications for the foreseeable future. Radix Bay leverages our LIFT assessment to build a business case on what should or shouldn’t move to the cloud and in what order. This will give your organization the time to adopt new policies, security protocols and processes to make the cloud work for you.

LIFT Assessment

Radix Bay believes that conducting an assessment decreases the risk and increases the return on investment of moving to the cloud for our customers.

Cloud Strategy Solutions

The cloud delivers unparalleled agility, efficiency and innovation but only when implemented through a comprehensive cloud strategy.

On Premise

Radix Bay provides full life cycle services to our clients for On Premise deployments of Oracle EBS and Cloud applications and Microsoft/Oracle Hybrid custom solutions.

Managed Services

For every system that you have deployed, you also have a system that must be maintained. It is estimated that most IT organizations spend over 50% of their annual budget funding “keep the lights on” activities.

 Simple. Comprehensive. Flexible.

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