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The Great Resignation continues to grow with nearly 200,000 IT workers quitting in the first 5 months of 2022.

When you add the challenges of attracting and retaining IT staff to an increasingly cloudy economic outlook – you’re not sure if you should delay hiring and risk additional attrition or start the search and hope that you find the skills you need.

It’s a stretch to think that any business expert could have forecasted a combination of the Great Resignation’s tight labor market and a less-than-stellar economic outlook.

Visit your favorite business news outlet and you’ll find prognostications from various industry pundits that range from the Great Resignation is over and the economy is tanking to we are experiencing a slight downturn and employee attrition will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

What we can all agree on is that attracting and retaining the talent we need to support daily operations and achieve our organization’s strategic business objectives is an ever-increasing challenge.

We see constant innovation across all areas of the IT industry. But traditional IT staffing processes, consulting engagements, and outsourcing agreements haven’t changed much since their inception. As a result, these somewhat dated solutions are unable to quickly adapt to rapidly changing business conditions, staffing needs, and economic trends.

It’s Time to Rethink Traditional Approaches to IT Staffing

It’s now painfully obvious to most organizations that they need to reevaluate their approach to IT workforce staffing. There must be a solution that breaks the never-ending cycle of posting jobs, interviewing, and hiring replacement personnel – or using traditional IT staffing agencies and consulting companies that charge exorbitant rates.

One new alternative is to partner with an experienced services provider to develop a long-term solution that ensures your shop will have uninterrupted access to a pool of IT talent. Here’s a quick description of RadixBay’s increasingly popular offering that breaks the traditional staffing paradigm:

Sharing the Staffing Risk

Our organization assumes the responsibility of attracting, training, and establishing career goals for individuals and teams of entry, mid and senior-level personnel for the skill sets you need. The partnership allows your organization to share the staffing risk with a seasoned IT services provider.

Our long-term relationships with public sector programs and higher-education institutions provide us with access to a large candidate pool. We have over 3 decades of experience attracting, hiring, training, mentoring, and retaining hard-to-find IT professionals. For entry and mid-level, RadixBay customizes a robust training curriculum and mentorship program for each tech that enables them to quickly become proficient in a wide range of technologies.

Unlike traditional engagements, this alternative offers:

  • Partner vs vendor-based relationship
  • A longer-term staffing solution that can be easily adjusted to meet changing business needs
  • Extended right-to-hire agreements throughout the employee lifecycle
  • Collaborative client/provider relationship for employee training and development
  • Easily scalable offering – Multiple resources can be onboarded and managed as a team

A New Approach to Winning the Talent Wars – A Consulting/Staffing Partnership

Unlike traditional solutions, RadixBay’s consulting/staffing partnership offering ensures that you’ll have uninterrupted access to a pool of IT talent that is immune to economic conditions and talent shortages.

Please visit https://www.radixbay.com/nextgen-it-workforce/ to learn more.

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Chris Foot
RadixBay Senior Strategist, Managed Services
Oracle Ace Alumni
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