February 3, 2015 -Radix Bay announced it has completed a project to design and develop an integrated data warehouse for a manufacturer of aircraft engines.

The data warehouse centralizes complex structured and non-structured data sets from internal and external sources, giving the client the ability to search data related to the entire lifecycle of an engine.

The solution also ensures regulatory compliance concerning the export of technical data. Secure export controls in the newly designed data warehouse allow the client to put all data in a single data warehouse and have full confidence that controlled data is only exposed to authorized users based on content type, business function, country of citizenship, residency, end use and other attributes.

The export control prevents accidental exposure and increases the efficiency of working with global partners. The solution effectively enforces compliance with export control laws for the U.S. and Japan and allows the client to create an extensive audit trail to monitor access to every piece of data.

We were faced with what seemed a monumental task and we could not seem to find any one group who could bring all the technologies involved into a single architectural design, said the client’s Director of IT. The Radix Bay consultants’ deep knowledge of both Microsoft and Oracle technologies proved to be the solution for us. I don’t think we could have realized our vision without their help.

“We are thrilled with the successful execution of this important project,” said Greg Lovette, CEO of Radix Bay. “The integrated data warehouse and export control provide significant security and compliance benefits that are critical for our global client.”

The data warehouse designed by Radix Bay uses Oracle Text, Virtual Private Database and Fine Grained Auditing technologies. The front end portal and reporting was implemented using SharePoint and the Microsoft BI and Reporting stack.

The solution will give users the ability to track the performance of component parts, quickly detect problems and conduct root cause analysis. It is also designed to securely support other applications that will be built on top of the warehouse in the future.