RadixBay announced the completion of a Pre-LIFT Assessment for a State Port Authority. The client is an authority established to develop and operate seaports in two cities along the coast and two inland container facilities. The ports link the state’s consumers, businesses and industry to world markets, and serve as magnets to attract new business.

RadixBay was called in to begin preparatory analysis for a migration to the cloud. The company used a version of its LIFT Assessment, providing an IT strategy review to help leadership identify potential issues and areas requiring additional analysis.

“This is a great first step into giving the entire organization a better picture of where potential issues exist,” said the Port Authority’s Director of IT.

“This partnership exemplifies what we do best,” said Greg Lovette, CEO of RadixBay. “Our experts were able to quickly evaluate the client’s current state, identify issues, and provide recommendations that will establish a framework for an efficient and effective IT strategy, including a possible transition to the cloud.”

RadixBay developed a current state inventory of applications, hardware platforms, key stakeholders and definition of the business problem to be solved. The client is interested in adopting strategic cloud capabilities in an effort to lower costs, improve business continuity and address future infrastructure expansion needs.