RadixBay Launches Rural Shore Testing Center of Excellence to Meet Growing Demand for Services

CHARLOTTE, NC – MAY 20, 2019

RadixBay is pleased to announce the launch of its Rural Shore Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE). Based in RadixBay’s rural shore delivery center in Tabor City, North Carolina, the TCoE helps businesses to reduce overall testing costs, improve the quality of their testing processes, and quickly deploy new applications and additional features.

The service offering allows RadixBay clients to more quickly react to new business challenges by reducing testing times and freeing their internal resources to focus on higher ROI initiatives. Organizations using RadixBay’s TCoE get immediate access to industry-leading testing tools, technologies, and QA best practices.

“The creation of RadixBay’s rural shore TCoE center is in direct response to our clients’ growing need to optimize and streamline their testing initiatives and reduce the impact of application testing on their internal staff,” said RadixBay COO, Hal Hawisher. “The offering combines a team of dedicated testing and QA specialists with the latest tools and project-proven testing techniques to ensure our customers’ applications are high quality and ready for production.”

“The TCoE helps our clients to improve the quality of their testing processes and accelerates new application time-to-market,” added R.J. Fabian, RadixBay’s Director of Advisory Services. “The TCoE is a total, end-to-end solution. From small testing projects to enterprise implementations, our clients can choose to partner with our TCoE specialists, or we can assume total ownership of their testing projects.”

About RadixBay:
RadixBay delivers enterprise-grade IT consulting, development, 24/7 data infrastructure support and TCoE testing solutions using a new approach that breaks the outdated IT service delivery model. The RadixBay model utilizes rural development centers to deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions to our clients. RadixBay’s rural shore services combine the cost benefits of offshore services with the security and simplicity of onshore support.