As our Managed Services business continues to grow at a rapid pace, RadixBay decided to give you a glimpse into the day of our Director of Managed Services, Chet West. Chet has been with RadixBay since inception and has been an integral part in growing our Managed Services Chet Color 1portfolio. Chet was asked a series of questions about what a day looks like for him. His answers are below.

Who do you report too? (title)

What are your responsibilities?
Providing direction and leadership for our managed services team.

In your own words, what does Manages Services mean for RadixBay?
We are the helping hands and sometimes the firefighters for our customers.  We strive to be their trusted allies in IT support.

How do you spend your time throughout the day?
I spend a good portion of my day working with our customers and managing the work that the team is performing for them.  Always looking to improve their systems and prevent issues.

What are some of the challenges you face as the director?
My biggest challenge is trying to find the most efficient ways to utilize my team to support our customers 24×7.

What is the best thing about your job?
I love the challenges and excitement of support. Being that go to organization that companies go to because they know we not only have the skills, but also the passion.

What is the thing you like doing least as the managing services director?
The hardest part for me, being a technologist, is handing off the actual work to my team.  I love technology and learning how to use it. But my team certainly makes me feel at ease when they take on complex problems and fix them quickly.

What career accomplishment makes you the proudest?
There are many things I’ve done that I am proud of.  Twice in my career I’ve designed and written software that became the core of running a business.  One of those is still in use today, almost 10 years later and is still a business differentiator for an arm of a large financial institution.

What type of services are you managing?
Administrators of Databases and Operating Systems as well as our new arm of development support.

List specific software your project is focused on.
Our biggest focus is still around Oracle and Unix/Linux.

How many years of experience do you have in this type of work?
This particular type of work I’d estimate 8 years out of my 30-year career.

Do you travel for your current project?  If so, how far?
Not normally…unless the customer needs me to be somewhere. The majority of our work can be done remotely

Describe your dream project.
Building something that people around the world can use and find advantageous.

How do you take notes? (pen/paper, laptop or tablet {list software}, voice recordings, brain power, etc.)
I’m still a paper guy for most things.  I do use Microsoft OneNote to store long term notes and information about clients.  Primarily because it allows me to easily access it from anywhere.

Do you have any favorite “tools of the trade” you like to use?
I still like “TOAD” for Oracle stuff.  But lately have had to stick with Oracle SQL Developer.  I love a good text editor too.  My favorite is TextPad. But I do also like Notepad++ and Sublime.

What would you like to learn next?
There is always a new technology out there.  But right now, I really am enjoying learning how to run my part of the business.  It’s a challenge like I’ve never had and one I never thought I would like.

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