Radix Bay, a world-class business IT consulting and solutions provider, announced it has successfully completed server installation and migrations for a US transportation company.

The client’s server infrastructure was aging and supported only by expensive extended service contracts or third party vendors. The client chose Radix Bay to provide stabilization, support and incidence response.

Radix Bay recommended implementation of new IBM servers and took advantage of features such as PowerVM® and Versioned Work Load Partition (WPAR). This allowed the client to continue to utilize older business software in an environment that is on a fully supported infrastructure platform.

The client also began to quickly realize the additional benefits of faster performance and reduced cost. At one location, seven different environments utilizing a total of ten IBM® POWER5™servers were replaced with new IBM server technology to support all environments. This reduced the cost of power and rack space while giving them a substantial boost in overall performance. Other locations saw similar results.

“Radix Bay’s thorough planning and testing allowed us to migrate quickly with very little down time at our busiest locations,” said the Director of IT for the client’s operations in North America. “This was one of the smoothest server migrations we have ever had.”

Radix Bay also provides managed services for the client, enabling increased server and database reliability and efficiency. The expertise provided by Radix Bay also allows the client’s IT team to focus on strategic technology initiatives.