November 23, 2015 -Radix Bay, a world-class business IT consulting and solutions provider, announced the completion of a Salesforce implementation project for a non-profit organization.

Radix Bay implemented Salesforce as a tool for the client to track potential donors, grants and foundation donations. The implementation of Salesforce also allows the client to manage the grant and donation process through its full life cycle.

The client had been using time-consuming manual processes to track donors, grants and foundation donations. The non-profit is now able to quickly and easily manage opportunities, view funding pipelines and track fundraising activities.

Radix Bay also developed several customizations tailored to the unique needs and vernacular of the non-profit organization. This gives the client the ability to track associations with grants to ensure they comply with the requirements of the donor.

“We are pleased to play an important role in implementing Salesforce for the future success of our client,” said Greg Lovette, CEO of Radix Bay. “This is an example of trusted processes and technologies being introduced into a non-profit business, where the benefits are not higher margins, but better service. The application will enable and improve our client’s efforts to improve the life quality of disadvantaged individuals and families.”

The implementation also included a data cleansing and data enrichment processes, giving the non-profit full and accurate records of each funding source. Upon completion of the project, the client was able to kickoff its first major fundraising campaign.