May 6, 2015 – Radix Bay, a world-class business IT consulting and solutions provider, announced it will be providing its unique LIFT assessment services for a software company that sells business intelligence services to the automotive industry.

The client is currently using a MySQL database to extract website information in order to provide competitive intelligence. They are experiencing a number of challenges including slow performance, replication delays and server failures.

Radix Bay was chosen to conduct a full assessment on the hardware architecture and evaluate how to improve reliability, scalability and performance.

The complete audit of the current database configuration will include in-file settings, memory allocation and server configuration. Radix Bay consultants will also evaluate the source of replication and backup delays, as well as the reliability of the MySQL master high availability function.

“Our client relies on a high performing database in order to provide competitive intelligence for its customers,” said Greg Lovette, CEO of Radix Bay. “By conducting a LIFT Assessment, we’re able to pinpoint the source of the issues, provide recommendations for improvement, and get the client on track for optimized performance.”

Following a full assessment, Radix Bay consultants will provide the client with recommendations to improve performance, decrease the time for database replication and increase the stability of their hardware platform.