RadixBay Establishes Rural-Based Salesforce Center of Excellence

CHARLOTTE, NC – December 4, 2018
RadixBay, an IT consulting and managed services provider specializing in enterprise applications and IT outsourcing, announces the establishment of its rural-based Salesforce Center of Excellence in Tabor City, North Carolina.

“The establishment of a rural-based Salesforce Center of Excellence allows us to serve the growing demand for cost effective onshore IT talent,” said Hal Hawisher, RadixBay’s Chief Operating Officer. “Close proximity to our customers, a competitive price compared to offshore, no language barrier or time zone challenges, and the creation of quality IT jobs in rural North Carolina all provide benefits to our clients and rural communities.”

RadixBay currently supports Salesforce clients from its Rural Center in Tabor City, NC, led by RadixBay’s Salesforce Practice Leader Christen Sisler. Based on initial success and positive responses from RadixBay’s client base, 5 additional Salesforce consultants were hired at the rural center.

Along with Sisler’s leadership, management responsibilities of the rural-based team will be shared by Ora Bransford and Denise Hyland. Both Bransford and Hyland are proven Salesforce consultants with management experience.

The Salesforce Center of Excellence is a cross functional group of business and technology experts whose goal is to create, develop and promote innovative processes that streamline and improve the quality of the system user and customer experience.

About RadixBay:
RadixBay delivers enterprise-grade IT consulting, development, 24/7 data infrastructure support and TCoE testing solutions using a new approach that breaks the outdated IT service delivery model. The RadixBay model utilizes rural development centers to deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions to our clients. RadixBay’s rural shore services combine the cost benefits of offshore services with the security and simplicity of onshore support.