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Changing Careers – My Personal Journey Starting Over Again

Have you ever had a job that was so boring and mundane that you sat around and daydreamed about what other careers would be like? Ongoing dissatisfaction with your daily work may be a sign that it is finally time to look elsewhere for employment.

I found myself in this exact same situation a little over a year ago. I was sitting in an office environment with limited career growth – trying to keep myself motivated.  I was working my way through a career in HR, but I have always had an interest in IT.  I have degrees in both human resources and technology.  Was it time to start over?

After a lot of soul searching and internal debates on making a significant career change, I decided to do something about it. I updated my resume, began my job search, interviewed with several companies, and was hired by RadixBay.

It’s been a little over a year since I started my journey and it’s been a wonderful change of pace. The work environment, leaders, and opportunities are the main reasons why I enjoy my new career in IT.

RadixBay’s work environment can be described as “awesome”. Since COVID, everyone has been working remotely but I’ve had the opportunity to meet my fellow team members in the office. I was pleased to find that everyone had a positive attitude and seemed happy. While working remotely, the atmosphere is still the same.

At our weekly meetings, I was excited to find that I was interacting with a group of motivated team members. I have witnessed positive and supportive traits from everyone I’ve worked with. This makes a significant difference in the work environment, which I know all too well coming from a background in human resources.

The management team here at RadixBay defines what great leaders should be. From my experience working with them, they’re always making sure you have the right tools and training to do your job. Another huge benefit you see here is leadership promoting employee growth.  RadixBay management wants you to be successful – both personally and professionally.

Working for a company that wants you to achieve your goals and doesn’t treat you like a corporate expense to be managed is a wonderful way to promote internal growth inside the company, as well as your external growth professionally.

Opportunities for personal and career growth are an integral part of RadixBay’s corporate strategy. The company supports many different technologies and if they identify an area that they think you are interested in, they’ll reach out.

I personally enjoy this because there are many different areas of tech support that I want to become familiar with. As an example, when I first joined RadixBay, I was introduced to Salesforce and that experience has helped me build my career.

Working for a company that you aren’t committed to isn’t a pleasant feeling. I encourage anyone that feels like this to start looking for a career change. Life is too short to be unhappy.

Here at RadixBay, opportunity and happiness are readily available. You don’t have to be a super tech – just believe in yourself and put in the work and the results will come. To anyone searching for an opportunity in the tech world, keep looking until you find a company like RadixBay.

Brandon Everett

I hope you enjoyed reading about my career journey and the benefits of working with RadixBay.

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Brandon Everett
RadixBay Managed Services Consultant